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Fragments of a Journey

A Fistful of Life

Fragments of A Journey, A Fistful of Life


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 "Fragments of a Journey, A Fistful of Life" is a beautifully designed autobiography by Jose de Koster, a memoir which traces the events that have shaped the author's growth both as an artist and a man. It begins with his innocent and idyllic early years in the then Netherlands East Indies and now Indonesia - an innocence  brutally shattered by the war years, firstly, with the invasion and occupation of the Japanese army and then, his subsequent internment.  He survived the horrors of the camp only to be embroiled in the turmoil, on his release, of the Indonesian fight for independence.
  His story continues with repatriation to Holland thence migration to firstly, New Zealand and then to Australia where he finally settled in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales.
    Designed by Publishing Art Australia, the book is richly textured with photographs, images of his paintings and a scattering of the many poems he wrote.Like his paintings, the book in itself is a work of art.


About the Author

Jose de Koster
1929 - 2016

Born in Medan on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia in 1929, Jose de Koster, painter, poet, writer and all-round individual has lived a life which rivals one of his most loved characters, that of Zorba the Greek.
He spent his teenage years in a prisoner of war camp under the Japanese occupation. After the war, Jose recovered his strength sufficiently, after moving to Holland, to qualify as an Olympic standard swimmer.
He moved to New Zealand in his early twenties and, inspired by Gaugin, Picasso and van Gogh, began to paint. In 1966, he moved to Australia and eventually took up residence in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.
     Jose's work was featured in The National Gallery of Victoria in Second landing - Dutch painters in the Southern Hemisphere". He has exhibited extensively in Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and various countries in Latin America where he was part of a touring exhibition in that continent.

Jose's autobiography, "Fragments of a Journey, A Fistful of Life" was published in February 2018.



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fragments of a Journey, A Fistful of Life

Jose de Koster